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Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks

Cubebrush Quick Start To Environment Painting Part 1 €? 3

Matte painting is a practice used in concept art to achieve photorealistic paintings quickly. While not for everyone, you may learn some good concepts for efficiency. If you don't want to learn phtobrashing, continue to paint full scene studies (from your favourite artist of movies).

Cubebrush Quick Start to Environment Painting Part 1 – 3

The second part of our mountain collection shot in New Zealand. Ranging in environment types from lush, plain, arid, snow-capped to rocky shot during various times of day, including at dawn, golden hour and during twilight.

Industrial themed masked assets from a shipyard environment, which are found at most ports and harbors. Includes various types of large scale cranes, lifts and support beams. Useful for quickly creating complicated structural details.

This is probably the most confusing part for someone just getting started with VoxelSniper. Basically, performers define the way you brush is going to change/create blocks. VoxelSniper has the following performers:


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