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The Reddit users who responded to Krahbichler's post found other coded messages hidden in the video.[15] An encoded inscription on the disc's menu was found to be "11B-X-1371", which has been treated as the video's title.[16] James Billington of the International Business Times wrote that "some reported [that the video's audio] sound[ed] like 'I would love to kill you' being repeated over and over".[17] Another user created a spectrogram of the sound and found both text and images concealed within. The former had one in plaintext saying "You Are Already Dead"; the rest were enciphered. The images depicted women being mutilated and tortured; early fears that the creator of the video might be a serial killer were allayed when later research discovered that one of the stills was from the horror film The Bunny Game, one was from the German film Slasherand another was a picture of a victim of the Boston Strangler.[1]

Russian Gangsta In HELL Activation Code [key serial]



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