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Azov Films Igor 82

Two feature films have been made about Bandera, Assassination: An October Murder in Munich (1995) and The Undefeated (2000), both directed by Oles Yanchuk, along with a number of documentary films.[citation needed]

azov films igor 82

President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to ensure by February the screening in cinemas of documentary films dedicated to his offensive in Ukraine and the fight against "neo-Nazi" ideology. The Kremlin said in a statement that the culture ministry had until February 1 to implement the order. [1] was the web site of a company based in Canada, which sold films and literature in which boys play the leading roles. The company marketed films from around the world, particularly on topics related to "coming-of-age" and was a redistributor of Award Films International and other film distributors including Europa Sun Productions and Baikal Films which sold award winning international videos and art. In addition, videos were produced especially for the company and bore the Azov label; most have naturist/nudist content.

Azov films web site operated for approximately 11 years and was considered at the time to be legal. The company's website had a disclaimer with statements from legal experts indicating that the merchandise being sold was legal in the US and Canada. [2] These films did not contain images of children having sex as has been reported by law enforcement [3] and tabloid journalists however they do contain non-sexual nudity and some but not all of the titles offered have been deemed by law enforcement and court officials to fall under the very broad and dubious category of lascivious exhibition.[4]

The founder of the company began in early 2005 to sell movies on his site, including those listed under the title Baikal films. The success led him, in May 2005, to rename his site, a domain that he had already registered towards the end of the year 2004. Since the producer of the Baikal film series had made an application for registration of trademark for Baikal Films in the United States and in Canada and had not authorized the owner of Azov Films to use it, he created the site in October 2006. The name refers to the sea of Azov, adjacent to the Black Sea. Originally, many movies were filmed around the sea of Azov, including Crimea and Lugansk. The "resemblance" with Baikal (another Lake in Russia) also played a role in the choice of the name Azov.

The attempt of Azov Films to register the trademark PojkART in the United States and the Canada lead to a lawsuit between Azov Films and Baikal film producer and founder of the distribution company KiB art. Since the 1970s, KiB, via its PojkART brand was active in the field of books, images and movies about boys, and in 1998 was given the exclusive license for distribution in North America of Baikal Films. A more serious criticism is that Azov Films sold not only films of Baikal Films, Europa Sun and Award Films (all three being originally distributed by Baikal Films) and PojkART, but sold pirated copies. The Baikal Films producer, according to his own account, made the observation in doing the test to buy his own films on AzovFilms. The lawsuit was decided in April 2012 in favor of AzovFilms.

Azov believed it had the rights because as a former collaborator of Baikal in 2006, he had transferred the rights of all Baikal films to the firm that is now called AzovFilms. (the legality of this process is still contentious.) It is certain that PojkART films were sold as part of under their label ,with partly modified titles. They were also downloadable. The question of the violation of copyright has not been clarified. It is theoretically possible that KiB did not have exclusive rights to these movies and that these rights were transferred to AzovFilms directly by the producers. According to AzovFilms, the firm is today is in hands of its Russians owners, and only the distribution takes place in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, no information available to the public can confirm this.

Vladik (born in 1990) is at the center of many of the films of the years 2001 to 2006. His name appears in many film titles. It is still present in later films, mostly as an assistant or photographer. A traffic accident claimed his life in October 2009. Two friends of the same age, Cyril and Arsen, also appear in films until 2006 approximately.

Many films are collaborations with the adult son of ZZ. ZZ himself has a university degree and has long worked in the field of science. Both are primarily active in recent years in the field of tourism.

Naturist films date back to the beginning of 2010 ("Naturist Crimea"). Vlad, Cyril and some other boys ZZ (including Arsen?), become adults, appear in pornographic pictures and movies. Azov Films gives a link to a site that provides them. ZZ probably has nothing to do with it.

The films of Sergey k. are almost always based on a model: the camera follows the boys during their sports, their free time activities, etc. whereupon they relax at the sauna. often, boys are together in an interview in the antechamber of the sauna. The shootings took place in Lugansk (East of the Ukraine) and the surrounding area.

Peter P. is known in particular for the series ' Boy Fights' which includes more than twenty movies. " Several boys engage in wrestling fights in a housing. In several films, Peter P. has an interview with the boys. Other films were shot outdoors out of sight. Peter P. and actors living in Moldova. 076b4e4f54


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