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Virginia: Hi, I'm Virginia, one of the archivists with the JPMorgan Chase Corporate History Program. We are responsible for preserving the history of the firm and its predecessor institutions, over 1200 of them. The firm today is a result of many bank mergers and acquisitions over the years, and is built on the legacy of those predecessor banks. Our valuable collection tells the story of JPMorgan Chase and will preserve our history for future generations to come. Let's take a look around. This is our climate controlled storage facility, a cool enough environment to prevent paper deterioration and mold growth. We collect and preserve everything, from documents to photos, to artifacts and artwork. We use that material to answer questions about the history of the firm and to better understand its business, past and present, around the world. Our department was founded by David Rockefeller, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, who understood that a bank's wealth is measured in more than just dollars and cents. From financing the US rail system to pioneering the ATM, our banks were vitally important. These stories can be told through what's found on these shelves and in the exhibits we design in corporate offices around the world. Our collection is constantly growing. In here, we maintain millions of records. That's over three miles of boxes. Items come from branches, employees, and alumni of the firm. We catalog them and integrate them into the larger collection. Elizabeth: Some of my favorite objects are scrapbooks. This one was from the Garfield Safe Deposit Company in New York. It was put together by an employee who was at the bank for over 40 years and he clipped all sorts of things - bank promotional items, forms, envelopes, really anything he thought would help tell the story of this bank's history. Virginia: Photographs are among the most requested items. We have over a million, many of which are stored in these filing cabinets. The images portray everything, from bank interiors and exteriors to employee activities. These drawers over here are filled with advertisements, posters, and oversized photos. Steven: I love this collection of architectural renderings from the Valley National Bank, which was headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They're not only wonderful paintings, but they're an interesting view into what commercial bank architecture looked like during the 1950s. In fact, Valley National Bank had the only bank branch in the Grand Canyon. Virginia: These shelves are where things like artwork, artifacts, and ephemera have their own special home. From 19th century coin counters to 20th century teller cages, the artifacts we preserve help us to bring to life all aspects of banking. Rachel: Our firm started not as a bank, but actually as a water company. This is one of the original hollowed out wooden pipes that was used to transport water to the homes and businesses of Lower Manhattan. We've carefully preserved it, and our hope is that'll last for another 200 plus years. Virginia: Our legacy defines us, and it's through these items that we share stories of our firm and its tremendous impact on not just the financial industry, but the world at large.

download Hindu - Undivided Love part 1 in hindi



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