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Bus Depot

The project would modernize the depot and provide the facilities needed to operate, maintain, and store up to 300 buses. This would allow us to serve the current and potential future bus route assignments and reconfigurations. It would also create more capacity to accommodate new bus service demands in the borough of Queens. The new facility will also allow MTA bus to maintain and deploy a modern bus fleet. This includes articulated and electric buses, so that MTA can better serve Queens for decades to come.

bus depot

NYLCV has been working on an interactive map that shows the location of school bus depots across NYC and gives a visual representation of the disproportionate number of school bus depots located in environmental justice areas, areas with high asthma rates, and areas with poor air quality. We took an original map created by the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) and layered on relevant data showcasing air quality and potential environmental justice (EJ) areas across the city. We used the United Hospital Fund Boundaries to outline different neighborhoods across the City.

When you first navigate to the map dashboard you will see three maps. Each map contains the location of school bus depots across the city. Depot locations are marked using the bus icons visible on each map. The first map contains the distribution of different air pollutants across the city, including particulate matter 2.5 also known as PM 2.5, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. The second map demonstrates the distribution of ER visits due to asthma cases that can be attributed to irritation from air pollutants like ozone and PM 2.5. And The third map lays out Potential EJ areas across the city.

We believe electric school buses and running electric school bus routes in these areas is a good start to alleviate the disproportional pollution that EJ communities face especially from diesel school buses and their depots. We hope that electrification advocates, parents, students, city council officials, and everyone interested in electric school buses and EJ will use this map as a tool for their advocacy or to better understand the need for esbs in NYC and especially in EJ communities and communities impacted by poor air quality.

The other piece is a proposed bus depot. Dise said that roughly 200 to 250 buses could be located there, along with a maintenance facility. The fleet likely would be electric buses.Most of them will be school buses, although a final number is not yet known. There will also be general transportation buses as part of the fleet.

The full Gun Hill Road MTA property, which overlooks I-95, was acquired in the mid-1980s by condemnation, for the purpose of constructing a large bus depot serving the residents of the Bronx. A smaller bus depot was constructed, and the remaining property was leased as a golf driving range, as an interim use, and to a nonprofit operating little league fields. In 2012, the city Economic Development Corporation led an RFP of the site to generate capital funds and economic development, resulting in the closure of the golf driving range. The contract to sell the property proved unsuccessful and expired in 2019.

The project includes the phased demolition of the existing Jamaica Bus Depot to make way for the new facility and a temporary offsite bus parking lot will be created to accommodate buses from the current bus depot during construction. The one-story building will be comprised of 272 standard bus equivalent parking spaces, three bus washing lanes, two chassis washing stations, an interior bus washing station, fifteen maintenance bays and rooftop bus parking.

Bus transportation is available for registered students to and from the bus depot and the Pre-K 4 SA Education Centers. Each center has designated bus depots to provide convenient, efficient, and safe locations for the student to ride each day. Pre-K 4 SA buses are specifically designed for four-year-olds and equipped with 5 point harness integrated safety seats. Each bus has interior and exterior cameras. CPR and First Aid Certified Bus Monitors ride to and from school with the students each day and maintain the student ratio of a maximum of 18 students to one adult. Bus Drivers are also professionally certified.

Residents of Brentwood, in Northeast D.C., filed a suit against the District today over a plan to build a school bus depot on a 4-acre site adjacent to a residential area. Residents say the bus terminal and parking lot would unduly burden a neighborhood that already suffers from poor air quality and noise pollution from numerous light industrial facilities in the area.

The project includes the phased demolition of the existing Jamaica Bus Depot to make way for the new facility, and a temporary offsite bus parking lot will be created to accommodate buses from the current bus depot during construction. The one-story building will be comprised of 272 standard bus equivalent parking spaces, three bus washing lanes, two chassis washing stations, an interior bus washing station, 15 maintenance bays and rooftop bus parking. Additionally, the project includes the creation of a three-story administrative building on the northwest end of the site that will connect to the new bus depot via an enclosed bridge passageway.

The 126th Street Bus Depot is located on 2nd Avenue at East 126th Street in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City; not far from the foot of the Triboro Bridge. The depot sticker is the number "126" in Roman Numerals (CXXVI). The 126 Street Bus Depot manages the second busiest bus route in the United States (behind Flatbush's B46 route); the M15 carries over 60,000 passengers per day. The 126 Street Bus Depot is part of the Manhattan Division of bus depots in MTA New York City Transit buses. It is the only depot in Manhattan not part of MaBSTOA, being directly run by the NYCTA Department of Buses. The 126 Street Bus Depot officially closed on January 4, 2015.

We are seeking candidates across a variety of bus depot jobs in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Working at the bus depot is a critical part of helping Zum realize its mission to provide safe, sustainable, equitable rides for all kids.

Several local and regional bus lines filled the need for local and regional transportation. One of the busiest was the Auto Interurban Company, owned by Herbert S. Hawley. He brought together several smaller bus lines to organize the first bus depot in 1924 on the south side of Trent Avenue, now called Spokane Falls Boulevard, west of Howard Street. Three buildings were connected and space rented to food vendors, barbershops and convenience stores.

The Union Bus Depot, built at a cost of $500,000, was started in 1946 at Sprague Avenue and Jefferson Street. Because of wartime limits on private construction and post-war material shortages, the depot plans required a federal government review and there were wait times for some building supplies. But the two-story concrete main building opened in October 1947 and featured a large indoor waiting room with a ticket counter, a restaurant, a barber shop and a beauty shop.

The bus station, which eventually was wholly owned by the Greyhound bus company, was taken out of service in 1994 and the terminal moved to the former Northern Pacific Railway depot at Riverside Avenue and Bernard Street. The remodeled depot was renamed the Spokane Intermodal Facility.

Bus service provides a public benefit to riders across NYC and contributes to the economic health of the entire New York Metropolitan Area. The depots that store the buses, however, produce toxic emissions and other pollution that endanger the physical health and lowers quality of life for people who must live around them.

One of the key considerations that operators need to plan for is space. The additional space required for transformers and charging points will leave less space for buses. If space is already limited within a depot the operator may have to reduce the number of buses operating or move a small part of the fleet elsewhere, either of which could be a significant operational hurdle. Similarly, the space requirements are likely to be considerably larger if both electric and ICE buses are operating out of the same depot because of the need for two separate fuelling/charging infrastructure systems.

ABB has been awarded a contract by the Reutlingen city transport authority Reutlinger Stadtverkehr (RSV) to equip its new E-Bus depot, comprising 10 depot charging stations, with its smart charging energy management solution, Energy Management for Sites - OPTIMAX for Smart Charging.

The solution also integrates and optimizes energy flows from generation, storage to consumption. This opens up the opportunity to incorporate more renewable energy sources into the operations process, including power generation from solar panels installed on a depot roof. Commited to finding more energy efficienct solutions for industry, ABB is leading the way in the development of sustainable mobility and smart city transport solutions, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality for all.

Per the City of Rockville:Montgomery County will hold a hybrid in-person/virtual community forum, 7-9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, on a planned bus depot and restoration center at a 25.8-acre site along Seven Locks Road. The in-person event will be held at the Montgomery County Council first-floor lecture hall, 100 Maryland Ave. Once finalized, information about how to join the virtual meeting will be available at and at

Previous plans to acquire several sites for MCPS bus parking facilities to accommodate displaced buses when the site is redeveloped have been put on hold until an agreement could be reached on a project plan. A search by the County for a replacement site for the MCPS bus depot and maintenance / fueling facility has identified the County-owned property housing the MCDC as an appropriate location. 041b061a72


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