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Download High Quality Film Escape To Victory Subtitle Indonesia

V2. Escape from Hell (Russian: Девятаев, romanized: Devyatayev) is a 2021 Russian prison action thriller war biopic film directed by Timur Bekmambetov.[2] The film stars Thure Riefenstein, Pavel Priluchny, Pavel Chinarev and Daria Zlatopolskaya. Based on a true story, portions of Soviet Mikhail Devyatayev's autobiography form the basis of a World War II film produced by Bazelevs Company. The film is the first large-scale vertical format film featuring dynamic aerial combat. Mikhail Devyatayev enrolled at the Soviet Air Forces to fight in the Great Patriotic War. In July 1944, while on a sortie for the 1st Ukrainian Front, his plane was shot down and he was captured by the Wehrmacht. In the most difficult conditions, Devyatayev managed to develop and implement an escape plan from Hitler's heavily guarded Usedom prison, which used prisoners to build the V-2 rocket. The film had a wide release on 29 April 2021.[3]

Download Film Escape To Victory Subtitle Indonesia

The film is based on renowned Soviet Union fighter pilot Mikhail Devyatayev who managed to escape the most secret prison of the Nazis - Usedom, an island of the southern Balitc Sea. Devyatayev, the prisoner of war fled the Nazis through stealth and courage. The pilot brought along in the cargo of a hijacked aircraft, advanced ballistic designs of Hitler's "weapon of retaliation" - V-2 ballistic missiles and coordinates. The prisoner of war barely managed to come back home alive to the Soviet Union weighing only 36 kilograms. The blueprints turned the tide of World War II, as the Soviet command later captured the island fortress from the Nazis possibly saving the Soviet Union from the terrible fate of a future launch of the V-2 ballistics missiles.[5][6] The missiles had the range to hit as far as North America and Moscow.[7] The fugitives managed to obtain the exact layouts of the rocket launchers on the island, which helped the Allies to destroy the enemy's bases, and made the defeat of Nazis inevitable.[8] Former prisoners of war, after healing from starvation, took part in the storming of Berlin; many of them died during the crossing of the Oder and fighting for the city.[9] Of the group of prisoners of war who escaped with Devyateyev, only two survived to the end of the war, during the capture of Berlin or during the battles with Japan.[10]

Principal photography started in the pavilions of Lenfilm, Kronstadt, St.Petersburg (Siversky, a former military airfield) and Kazan in February 2020.[15] Individual takes commenced with pilot actors inside the cockpits of Second World War fighter aircraft using military equipment.[16][17] The film making tried to show rustic, crude, unrefined warfare such as a rusty aircraft.[5] The famous hijacked plane, Heinkel He 111 H-22 from the escape at Usedom island in Germany was used for the film.[18][19] It was recreated at the technical complex of the VoenFilm film studio.[20] Full-sized replica of Aerocobra aircraft were also used.[18]

The episode begins with a narration by Thalleous Sendaris telling the story of the land of Ardonia and The Great War between the four Ardoni clans and the combined forces of the Nether and the Voltaris. While the war initially went poorly for the Ardoni, an Ardoni named Achillean Nestoris led his people to victory and fought the leader of the Voltaris, Ingressus. During the final battle, both Achillean and Ingressus were mentioned as defeated. Thalleous reads this story to a human named Hawken, who insists the Voltaris have returned and are on Mt. Velgrin. Thalleous and Hawken travel to the mountain to investigate but are attacked by the Voltaris, led by Tygren. Hawken dies defending Thalleous, who narrowly escapes Tygren and retreats from Mt. Velgrin.


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