"Super proud of my sidekick! Mid-year conference with one of his teachers today, and he told me he's switching Isaac to fourth grade curriculum in English and Language Arts for the remainder of his third grade year! Math will be fourth grade or higher- he's already doing some 5th and 6th grade stuff.

Deciding what to do for school the last two years has been stressful, but we are so happy with how he's thriving with Mrs. Evelyn International Academy/ Evelyn Educates Tutoring!"


The Gershowitz Family


Evelyn is one of the most caring educators I've ever met! Her commitment to creating a learning approach that meets each student's unique needs stands out in a field of 'one size fits all' educational approaches. If you want your child to grow, learn and thrive, you NEED to connect with Evelyn and her team - they're simply the best!

Leslie Rae

Mrs. Evelyn is upbeat, energetic, and inspiring. She’s the light worker who shines her light to help others find their path. Highly recommend her fun-filled classes for parents who are interested in their children’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.Thank you for shining your light!

Children's Author- Ana Cybela Liang


Evelyn Educates Tutoring is a great resource for students and parents who desire a curated, non-traditional way to receive personalized instruction. It is also a great resource for teachers who want to expand their horizons or even come out of retirement to do what they love- teach! My mom became a teacher through Evelyn Educates and loved getting back to teaching science to her amazing students in this online educational forum. Highly recommend as a mom!

Lori Burke

The best School!! I would recommend this to anyone! My daughter started going here at the age of three and has learned so much from reading to math and how words are Formed! ! We love having Mrs. Ashley And Ms. Jasmine!!! The best part is the teachers teach at your child's level and make learning fun!!

Kiara Roberts


My son was falling behind in Chemistry and Algebra II and Evelyn Educates allowed him to meet several different tutors to find his perfect match, who ended up being in Nigeria! The two connected immediately and my son looked forward to his sessions. He was able to finish his chemistry semester with a B! He also had a significant improvement with his Algebra II class. I was impressed at how custom and flexible the sessions are too. He was able to mold his needs for various classes with several tutors as needed when he needed extra help preparing for tests in other subjects, as well. I highly recommend Evelyn Educates Tutoring for all of your child's needs!

Rebecca Trimm

"Very professional service. I highly recommend Evelyn Educates to all families." 

Ozege Chukuma


Miss Evelyn and her tutors are amazing! They are very caring and truly want to see my son succeed. Before starting tutoring, doing homework with our teeange son was putting a HUGE strain on our parent/child relationship. He needed to have someone other than mom or dad helping that could actually guide him through his homework and teach him skills to do it on his own. It has made a world of difference!! I am sooooo grateful that I found Miss Evelyn and her team!

Alisha Hansen

Hi! My name is Courtney Harring, and my son goes to Evelyn Educates. Evelyn educate is a school that is for all students, all students with different needs, and I absolutely love the school. Now why, my son is 5 years old, and he's been going to Evelyn Educates for almost two years. at this time. One of the great things about Evelyn Educates is that they meet students where they are. My son definitely needs one-on-one attention, and we have some amazing teachers who are able to do that. The other thing is I actually am an entrepreneur, and I travel a lot so my son also comes with me. With an online school like Evelyn Educates, it is very easy to travel with your kids as well as continue their education. In this time of covid-19, things are completely unpredictable, but one of the things that is consistently predictable is Evelyn Educates. So anyone who ever wants to go to the school, I completely recommend it. It has done nothing but great things for myself and my family 

Courtney Harring