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Learning Without Walls

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Thrive Academy provides learning outside of the traditional school setting for students or families who would benefit from individualized support at home. 1:1 and small group classes are typically offered from the student’s home computer in a study environment. 

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Thrive Academy provides instruction in a wide variety of subjects from Pre-K through College. All tutoring is 1:1 and small group virtual learning. From STEM sessions to Italian lessons to College Statistics, Thrive offers instruction in an array of subjects. If you do not see your content of choice listed, don't hesitate to ask! 



Thrive proudly offers mentoring. Mentoring is a relationship in which a teacher mentor provides guidance and support. It is a process of sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences to help the learner develop emotionally and academically. The mentor acts as a role model, offering advice, feedback, and encouragement. 

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